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Lindsay Faria

This week the student spotlight falls on one of our oldest and dearest. Lindsay Faria has been with us since fifth grade when The Studio started in a basement on Toilsome Hill. Seven years of creating, learning, and teaching at The Studio have allowed Lindsay to strengthen her artistic skills and spark a passion that she will carry throughout her life. Lindsay will be entering her freshman year of college at Coastal Carolina University this fall, and plans to major in marine science with a minor in studio art, hoping to continue painting.

When Lindsay started taking classes at The Studio she quickly realized her love for painting and began to work on developing her own personal style. As Lindsay grew older, she worked her way up within the business as a volunteer and later as a paid instructor. Lindsay brings a special energy whenever she enters The Studio, and as Co-owner Priscilla says, "We've seen Lindsay grow into an amazing adult and artist. She is just so positive about what she creates and the kids adore her."

We recently sat down with Lindsay and asked her some questions to capture her experience over the past seven years. Let's get to know why Lindsay loves what she does and why she chooses to create at The Studio...

When did you first develop an interest in art?

L:"I've always enjoyed art and my mom always signed me up for classes at different places, but it wasn't until i got to The Studio that I started to really love art, especially painting."

Why do you love art?

L: "I love art because it's relaxing. It's a mini escape. I also just love the feeling of making something and feeling really proud of it."

What is your favorite medium?

L: "My favorite medium is acrylic painting for sure."

Can you share a special moment that you've shared with The Studio and/or describe your experience over the years with Miss C and Miss P?

L: "Christine and Priscilla are my favorite part about The Studio because they have nurtured me as I grew as an artist and a person. They saw me through middle school and high school and have taught me everything I know about art. The most important thing they've taught me is how to draw from life, and not from my head. That has improved my work immensely."

We love you Lindsay!

Check out her creations on Instagram: @lindsayfariart

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