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In order to become a member, you must have taken at least one seven-week class with the studio, and have met with management to clarify your understanding of studio rules of respect for the space and members.  

Choose your length, 3/6/12 months, $155, 145, 135/ month plus a refundable security deposit. The refundable security deposit is $200, paid at the start of a membership term, and will be held against any late charges and fees not paid directly by the member. The deposit will be returned at the end of each membership term assuming there are no outstanding fees/dues with the studio. Potters incur additional fees per inch on each fired piece, amounting to cover glazing and firing expenses.

Members get:

  • Keyless entry code for use during ADULT studio open hours.  

  • Potters may use wheels any time during open hours, except when classes are being held.

  • A discounted rate of 40% OFF most classes (not private instruction).

  • Shared storage space for works in progress for classes and three-month members (6 & 12 month members may have dedicated shelves), and a small space to keep their tools and supplies.  Members are expected to clean up after themselves and to leave the area ready for others to use. Pottery members must thoroughly wipe down the floor and entire area where they worked.

  • All members are required to do some work for the studio (i.e. help at the semi-annual clean-a-thons) and everyone is welcome to participate in our twice-yearly shows and sales. The studio may take a 15% commission on any sales, and participants must agree to assist with a small number of hours of the show.  There will be a binder for signups at the front desk.  If one misses their monthly job, they will be fined.


  • Members must take at least one 7-week pottery class, and pass a basic standards test (to demonstrate an understanding of and respect for how our studio is run) before being accepted.   

  • Members must take a mandatory glazing workshop in order to work independently.  

  • Firing is done by the studio managers or those designated by the managers. Firing will be done when the managers deem the kiln full enough to run.

  • We use stoneware and fire at cone 6.  You may not bring your own clay.

  • There are several classes available to join now.  To sign up for a class prior to joining as a member, click here for your options.

Member stuff

Members are like family to us.  They work together to keep the studio warm, safe, and fun. Members must reserve wheel, glazing, and hand-building sessions so we may accommodate you. Members: Please reference the full schedule linked at the button below when making a decision about booking assets.

Female at Pottery Workshop_edited.jpg

Glazes we use

Our glaze list is fluid and we welcome you to try your own glaze combinations as long as you try it first, and make a test tile, and have been cleared by management.  We use AMACO glazes and our members are continuously amazing us with new techniques and products.  

Click here for the current list of glazes and a link to the glaze manufacturer we use.

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