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Marlayne Schaeffer

Studio Member

I feel so lucky to have wandered into the studio that September morning.  Christine and Priscilla have created so much more than an art studio.  It is a place that encourages creativity, is nonjudgmental. 
But more importantly they have created through their skills, kindness and love, a place where people of all ages and artistic abilities can come together and create.  It is definetly my happy place.


Rena Wiswell

Studio Member

“Its’ my happy place. It’s my safe place. It’s my place to learn and try new things with out any fear of being judged. To have mentors who really care about me and my work… and the friends I’ve made. It’s hard to make really close friends as an adult and I’ve made so many here. It’s a magical place and that starts with Christine and Priscilla and trickles down like fairy dust to all of us. It’s changed my life. Everyone should have a place like this. I’m just lucky I do!


Hannah Gnibus

Student & Teacher

It’s a creative space away from home to work on my art and receive positive feedback” Hannah is now a teacher to some of our young artists at the studio and says “Teaching now feels like I’m giving back… to be able to implement what I’ve learned during my time at the studio and now with the kids. It also helps me take a closer look at my own work and what I can improve upon

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