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The Studio Fairfield

The Studio Fairfield is a local, women-run and owned art collective dedicated to bringing our community together through a passion for creativity and self-expression.


Our space offers classes in many mediums for all skill levels, from amateur to professional. We emphasize teaching fundamental techniques and guiding individual growth. Owners Christine Orlando and Priscilla Igram, along with their instructors, are working and practicing artists exploring their own creative selves and sharing their experience with others. In its 13th year of business, they hope to grow their community, which allows people an escape to explore their creative selves in a nurturing and fun environment.

Christine and Priscilla are artists who paint, sculpt, draw, throw pottery, and more.  They apprenticed for a well-established minimalist, Blythe Bohnen, whose work is in several permanent collections, including The Whitney Museum.  

With Priscilla & Christine Today!
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