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Triple the Kids, Triple the Fun!

With two birthday parties and lots of preparation for the ColorFest, we have had a very busy and exciting weekend at The Studio. On Saturday, we had the pleasure of throwing a 7th birthday party for triplets Ashley, Christian, and Zachary. Together, they planned a party with 33 friends and three awesome activities.

We split the group of kids into three, and ran the party through rotations so that everyone would get the chance to try everything. One station was downstairs with Miss Christine, where they completed gesture paintings of flowers using only their feet. This activity is one many kids absolutely love, because it isn't something they can necessarily do at home. Miss C explained gesture drawing to the different groups, and gave them free reign to paint the flowers they liked the best.

Station Two was on the main floor, where the kids got to try something that is very unique to The Studio - Human Spin Art. The kids learned from Miss Priscilla that this is a technique that is well loved by all of our students, and it creates incredible canvases that can be used for wall hangings, bulletin boards, and more. To do this, we sit one child at a time on our swing, wind it up, hand them a paint bottle, and have them flip the bottle and squeeze it as the swing unwinds. We have the kids take turns, and each use a different color. Doing this creates a cool spiral/circle on the canvas. At this party we repeated the process with a different canvas for every group, so that each triplet would be able to take one home. This project is usually one of our biggest hits at birthday parties - after all, who doesn't love combining art and play?!

Station Three, which took place in our cozy lofts, gave the birthday kids the opportunity to share their own art with their friends. When planning the party, each triplet drew a picture for us to screen-print onto a pillowcase. Ashley drew a dog, Christian drew characters from Legend of Zelda, and Zachary drew a pirate skeleton. We combined the three drawings into one and screened them onto pillowcases. Then, at the party, the kids each got to color one in with fabric-safe markers, and take it home! They also learned all about the screen-printing process while they colored.

Even though we had more than a full house, this party turned out to be a ton of fun, and gave us an afternoon full of art, laughter, and a creative energy that can only come from a studio full of happy kids. We can't wait for our next party! If you're interested, go to to learn more!

Until next time,

The Studio

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