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Wanna Party?

So do we! Nothing we like more than seeing a bunch of happy people expressing themselves through art! It's a celebration on any given day, but SUPER special on a birthday.

We recently had a party of 10 year old girls and they wanted a unique project. We offered them a bunch of ideas and landed on the spooky figurine that we are featuring in our workshop Thursday October 19th! CLICK HERE

Here is the Birthday Girl with her creation...

We have a respect for privacy so will not mention names but this special birthday girl told us that she has wanted to be an artist since she was about 7 years old. She chose the studio as her place to celebrate her birthday because her Mom found THE STUDIO and fell in love with the vibe.

Here is the result of the parties collective works....

When asked if she liked her party she said, "yes and I love that we all made something so different!'

I then asked her if she would want to return to the studio, our birthday girl replied, ' YES! I want to take class soon" . Well, we look forward to having you back!

To book your next party at The Studio, CLICK THIS!

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