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Lovin' Life, Art & The Studio

We love our members! This one in particular has our hearts—her passion for life, art, and the studio is really something we can brag about. Ella Smith, lover of life, animals and people has been with us for three years as a regular. Walks in every week with a smile and a hug, and gets right into her projects, all the while entertaining us with her charm. We asked Ella a few questions about why she comes to the studio for Guided Open Studio, our signature after school program.

Why do you love art?

Ella: I find it relaxing and something I can do in my free time. When you are stressed or bored you can always do some type of art to relax.

Why The Studio?

Ella: I am so happy my mom chose the studio because I feel that everyone here is somehow connected and like family. Everyone feels so comfortable here. This is a place where we are given awesome options to explore, like sculpture, painting, sketching, paper mache…. All the projects are new and different, and there are so many choices.

How long have you been a Guided Open Studio member?

Ella: I’ve been a member for three years now

Your fave thing you made at The Studio?

Ella: Hmmm, I think my favorite thing I ever made was this little clay leopard with a little baby next to it. It was like three years ago--the project was perfect for me and I still love it.

How do you feel when you are at The Studio?

Ella: I feel so happy, so hyped to be at The Studio. I look forward to going every week so I can work on these great projects that i’ve started, or am about to start.

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