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Laura Galindo

This week's spotlight falls on another long-time student turned instructor, 16 year old Laura Galindo, who may just be the best example of hard work paying off that we have seen at The Studio thus far. Laura is well loved by all of our students, her bosses, and her coworkers. In fact, when studio artist and teacher Lindsay overheard a discussion about this blog post, she interrupted to say, "Laura? I LOVE Laura. You can quote me on that right now."

When Laura first started at The Studio a few years ago, she was unsure about her artistic abilities. Eventually she learned to push herself each and every day and has blossomed into an exceptional artist.

Christine, Priscilla, and Lindsay gushed over Laura so much when when asked for quotes that we thought it best to include their words in full, as follows:

"Laura inspired me so much when she came to The Studio. At first she was shy and kept to herself and didn't branch out of her comfort zone when it came to sketching, but within a few weeks we saw her blossom into such an amazing artist. She began doing more intense sketches, and her work is just breathtaking now." - Lindsay (Coworker, age 18)

"She has acquired impeccable drawing skills. She has the most noticeable development of any student we have. She was incredibly focused on learning anatomy, she studied it and worked her butt off like nobody's business." - Christine (Co-owner, boss)

"We've seen Laura mature from adolescent to young adult, and we are so happy we have been a part of her growth. We are emotional and excited that we have been able to see her develop as an artist, her skills are exceptional and the confidence that came from that made her into a more confident young woman all around. We are so happy and lucky to have her as a part of The Studio family." - Priscilla (Co-owner, boss)

This afternoon, we asked Laura a few questions while she worked.

When did you first develop an interest in art?

I was always interested in art. When I was little I would always draw on the walls and on the T.V. - I would try to frame my brother by writing his name on it, but that obviously didn't work. I got serious about it in 6th grade when I took a class on animation and it pretty much escalated from there.

Why do you love art?

I'm very passionate about art. I would spend many hours a day drawing and during school I would doodle. When I think about an idea to draw I get excited and when it's finished I feel accomplished. Overall art makes me feel great.

What is your favorite medium?

My favorite medium is either pencil or pen and ink. I like it because it gives me the most control over the drawing and it's easier for me to focus in on the details. From time to time I draw with colored pencils.

Can you share a special memory you have about The Studio or a moment you've shared with Christine and Priscilla?

I was nervous when I first came into The Studio, but I knew what I wanted to learn. Christine and Priscilla helped me a lot in my journey through art. They were really patient and understanding. I used to crumple up my drawing when it wasn't going the way I wanted, but they always told me to finish it and save it. A favorite memory of The Studio was when they showed me a book. It was an anatomy book and in it were drawings of several different types of body parts and different angles of them. I remember promising myself that I would draw every single hand, foot, nose, etc... and I did. That was when I decided I wanted to be the best.

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