Summer Camp Fun!

If you want to give your kids an unforgettable summer, look no further! We offer unique, hands-on camps that will send your kids home with new skills and awesome creations. This year, we're holding seven types of camps over the course of 11 weeks. We're bringing back some long-time favorites, like Pottery and Random Arts of Kindness, as well as new options such as Art in the Garden and Batik.

Pottery camps give your kids the opportunity to learn both hand-building techniques and the nuances of the pottery wheel. Ages 5 & up are going to learn to make at least one piece on the pottery wheel in each camp. The first camp, the week of June 19th, is focused on making pet-themed art. Campers will create anything from food bowls to collar tags for their favorite furry friends. The second camp, the week of July 10th, is centered on a Funky Tableware theme. Kids will be able to make original plates, bowls, and even flatware using both hand building and pottery wheel techniques. The final pottery camp, the week of July 31st, is Under the Sea themed. Everyone will be able to work on fun projects, like this octopus terrarium!

Massive Art Play camps are perfect for anyone who wants to let loose and get messy with their art. On both the weeks of June 12th, July 24th, and August 14th, campers will be doing everything from painting with their feet, to human spin art, to painting with squirt guns. Not only will their finished products look incredible, but their memories of this unique camp will last forever.

Art Outdoors, the week of June 26th, is a great choice for kids who want to channel their creativity while also enjoying the summer weather. In this camp, we will spend the week exploring nature through shadow paintings, observational sketching, and an installation here in town!

Batik is a traditional art form which uses wax and dye to create beautiful, intricate patterns on fabric. On the week of July 3rd, campers will have the awesome opportunity to create a beach blanket or tapestry of their very own, which they could hang up at home or use for the rest of the summer! Campers will need to bring a flat, white cotton sheet and we will provide the rest.