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Meet the Interns

We're always over the moon excited to welcome new artists into The Studio to create, share, and blossom alongside us. A huge part of what makes co-owners Christine and Priscilla so passionate about what they do every day is not only teaching the skills they have personally acquired, but also leaving impactful impressions on young adults who are in the process of navigating through their career paths.

A program which allows Christine and Priscilla to do just that is the internship program at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. This program has given C & P the chance to connect with high school seniors with a passion for both the arts and teaching. C & P hope that they can teach interns each year all of the hard work that goes into running a small business and how to form dynamic relationships with children and adults. As Christine says, "It's a two man show so we love to have all the extra help we can get. We want to teach them that running a small business has us doing anything from sweeping the floors to marketing, accounting, web design, teaching, and so much more."

This year as we transition into our new space, interns Alison, Cameron, and Sara are providing the youthful spirit and helping hands essential in this time of development for The Studio. These three interns are getting the chance to engage in a real-world career setting before they even enter college, which is truly a rewarding experience in itself.

Alison will be studying next year at The George Washington University in the heart of D.C. where she plans to major in Acting and Political Science. When asked why she chose this internship she explained, "I love art and wanted to help kids explore their own passions through art". We are thrilled to have an individual like Alison to keep kids connected to art throughout their lives.

Cameron will be starting at The University of Vermont in the fall and explains that she chose this internship because she doesn't see herself working for a big corporation. At The Studio, Cameron isn't working behind a desk, she's engaged and creating every day. She wants to see how this type of niche small business runs from the inside, out. Cameron says, "I also love art but may not do it in college so I thought I'd take this opportunity to practice art, work with kids, and just have fun".

Sara will be exploring her interests at Iona College this coming fall and explains, "I hope to get a behind the scenes look into how a small business operates, be able to see every aspect of it, the business side and the art side". With a passion for art, Sara wanted her first interning

experience to encompass what she loves to do. Sara wanted to have fun while working, and that's just what The Studio is all about- F U N.

We can't wait for their experiences to continue with us, and to witness their growth as they work alongside us.

Now come on in and meet the gang!

Signing off,

The Studio

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