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The Wednesday Ladies

Here at The Studio, we want our students to be recognized for their brilliant creativity and talent. We decided to start a weekly Student Spotlight section of the blog to express our gratitude for their artistic ability and positive energy they bring to our space!

This week's spotlight falls on some of our most amazing students, who we fondly call the Wednesday Ladies. Sandy, Diane, Julie, Lydia, and Cesaria come in every Wednesday morning to paint. The five of them bring a very special light to The Studio, and all of those who work here look forward to witnessing this warm and lighthearted dynamic.

When these women first started coming to us, they didn't know what to expect. Diane came in to pass time on the days she babysits her granddaughter Ellie, a young student of ours. Sandy's grandchildren bought her classes for her birthday, hopeful that she would tap into her creative side. However, both Diane and Sandy say they put off starting their classes, afraid that they would not be "good enough". When they finally did start, they were amazed by how comfortable co-owners Christine and Priscilla made them feel.

Sandy says, "The most important thing that Christine and Priscilla do is respect our space as artists. They never touch our work, they only give advice on how to improve it". C & P allow her to feel as though she can complete her paintings her own way, while still receiving thoughtful and constructive criticism.

Julie has even become one of our instructors! She teaches some of our Thursday night paint alongs, the next one being Thursday, June 8th.

This group session has evolved into a time for food, drink, friendship, advice, and of course, creating.

These women have not only come here to learn, but they have formed a beautiful friendship and have taught us just as much as - if not more than - we taught them. We are so fortunate to call them our students and our friends!

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